North Woods paddle


The first thing you notice when you see a North Woods paddle is the unusually shaped grip. It’s long and gracefully tapered and it allows you to easily move your hand up and down to lengthen or shorten the shaft. All this because the natives and the Maine Guides had to be able to paddle standing up to be able to oversee the rapids on the river. Of course they also had to be able to paddle while kneeling or sitting. Hence the need for a paddle that can vary in length.

A second remarkable feature is the size of the blade. It is, by our standards, a large beavertail with a good catch. It is ideally suited to negotiate rapids and to keep the canoe well under control in wind and waves on flat water. It is a very versatile paddle that can be used in a variety of conditions.

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The North Woods paddle is made of ash or laminated with ash, cherry and walnut. That guarantees a strong and relatively light paddle. The paddle is available with a varnished or an oiled finish.

Which size?

The length of the North Woods paddle is equal to your height. If you always paddle while sitting down, you subtract 8 cm.

Additional information


Varnished, Oiled


160 cm, 165 cm, 170 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm, 185 cm, 190 cm, 195 cm


Bow : 15 cm x 62 cm, Stern : 19 cm x 77 cm


950 gr (Due to the varying density of wood, all paddles can have a deviation of +/- 10% by weight, the weight is based on a paddle of 180 cm)


Oval, straight shaft


Scalloped oiled grip


Solid ash, Laminated wallnut – ash – cherry


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