Paddle and canoe building workshops

Build your own canoe

Building your own canoe is an unforgettable experience and paddling your self-built canoe is even better. Freeranger canoe offers comprehensive canoe building workshops at our workshop in Olmen, Belgium. Canoe builder, and teacher, Bart Deseyn guides you through the process step-by-step.

A beautiful wooden canoe is a pleasure to build, paddle and look at. Although a wooden canoe has no specific purpose other than a plastic one, it gives you a distinctly different feeling. Sliding through the water in a wooden canoe in untouched nature is an uncomparable experience. Especially if you build the canoe yourself during one of our canoe building workshops!

Within everyone’s reach

No prior knowledge is necessary to join our canoe building workshops. The majority of the work is done with hand tools that most builders will be familiar with. Everyone can participate, young or old, male or female. The only condition is a desire to learn and the physical ability to work for a couple of hours. Freeranger Canoe also provides all the necessary materials and tools.

During the workshop you will learn how to build a canoe from scratch. You will build the hull, apply the glas fabric and epoxy laminate, install the gunwales, decks and seats and finish with varnishing the canoe.

Wood strip construction

Stitch & glue construction

Make your own paddle

What we offer

Freeranger Canoe offers personalized and group workshops available by appointment. Upon completion of the workshop, participants have the option to purchase the finished canoe at a 5% discount. It’s important to note that attending the workshop does not obligate participants to buy the canoe; however, this should be communicated in advance.

Through consultation, we collaboratively establish a schedule for crafting your wooden canoe. The time commitment varies based on the chosen canoe type, with approximately 50 hours for a stitch-and-glue design and around 100 hours for a strip-built model.

Customized workshop

If you’re interested in a tailored workshop for your group, feel free to reach out to us. We are highly flexible and open to accommodating special requests from companies, clubs, schools, and more. Additionally, we can explore the possibility of conducting canoe building sessions on-site. The process of building canoes not only offers a rewarding experience but also serves as an excellent tool for team building.

Our location

Freeranger Canoe is situated in Olmen, Belgium. We are delighted to provide recommendations for local accommodation, including a variety of options such as rural bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and hotels. Additionally, the surrounding area offers opportunities for paddling, hiking, and biking, enhancing your overall experience.

Veldstraat 35
2491 Olmen

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