Fully guided canoe trips

We provide a variety of fully guided canoe trips, ranging from single-day paddles to week-long adventures. Our operations span approximately 300 km around Brussels, giving us access to various rivers, lakes, and marshlands in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Canoeing offers an excellent means to explore the unspoiled landscapes of the lowlands while providing prime opportunities for observing wildlife. It’s common to encounter deer, beaver, otter, eagles, osprey, coypu, and other fascinating creatures. Moreover, canoes enable us to bring along some of the creature comforts that backpackers often must leave behind.

Canoe adventures with family and friends

Consider Freeranger’s guided canoe trips for reuniting with family or friends or seeking a unique vacation experience! Our certified guides lead multi-day adventures, including all meals and paddle gear. Whether you’re a novice or experienced paddler, these trips are ideal for you. Reconnect with the essence of outdoor vacations! With Freeranger Canoe, relish a fulfilling experience, friendly guidance, and outstanding outdoor cuisine. If you’re prepared for an unforgettable journey immersed in nature’s wonders, join us to create enduring memories with loved ones.

Day trip on the Ourthe River

Experience the joy of paddling down the thrilling Ourthe River without requiring advanced technical skills! Canoeing on the Ourthe immerses you in nature’s embrace, accompanied by a lively current. During spring, ice jams and fallen trees can add an adventurous twist to your descent. Rest assured, canoeing on the Ourthe offers exhilarating sensations with minimal risks, rated WW I / I + in terms of difficulty.

The Ourthe River comprises a series of pleasantly varied sections. It winds leisurely through the expansive Famenne plain from Hotton to Durbuy. Downstream from Durbuy, it navigates amid the Condroz hills. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler, Ourthe canoeing promises delight. However, possessing some technical know-how is essential since we tackle the river in spring, when water levels can be high, and the current occasionally displays its power.

Sunday February 11, 2024 // €95 pp

Day trip on the Meuse River

Canoeing on the Meuse River brings absolute delight. The Meuse Valley River Park, stretching 40 kilometers and marking the natural boundary between Belgium and the Netherlands, stands as a significant achievement in ecological river restoration within Europe. Remarkably, it’s the only unaltered section of the Meuse in the Low Countries, free from extensive dikes and embankments. As you paddle, the Meuse meanders through diverse terrain, with ancient river branches, charming banks, meandering channels, and gravel bars.

The Meuse offers a stark contrast to Dutch and Flemish standards, featuring a substantial gradient, swift currents, and remarkable dynamism. Consequently, canoeing on the Meuse River can be thrilling, especially in its central section, where a series of rapids requires constant vigilance from paddlers. However, other parts of the river offer a serene and peaceful ambiance, allowing ample time to savor the surrounding scenery, observe birdlife, and perhaps glimpse a beaver.

Sunday April 14, 2024 // €85 pp

Canoe camping in the Weerribben-Wieden

Multi-day canoe camping trips in Europe often focus on Sweden, but there’s exciting news for those seeking a closer adventure. Just 300 kilometers from Brussels awaits the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, the largest peat bog area in northwestern Europe and a true canoe paradise. Join us for a canoe camping expedition in Weerribben-Wieden, where enchantment awaits.

This extensive cultural landscape is meticulously managed to preserve biodiversity and diverse terrain, creating a habitat for a rich variety of species. Over this 3-day, roughly 60-kilometer canoe camping journey, you’ll encounter grass snakes, otters, ospreys, egrets, storks, purple herons, and numerous bird species. All of this unfolds within a remarkably diverse landscape, from swamp forests to reed-covered expanses and lush hay meadows, culminating in expansive open water areas.

Saturday May 18, 2024 to Monday May 20, 2024 // €435 pp

Day trip on the Rur River

Canoeing on the Rur offers an exceptional experience, being one of the last rivers that naturally meanders through variety of landscapes in the Low Countries. Its steep banks and gravel bars are home to Kingfishers and Sand Martins.

The day trip covers about 22 kilometers, guiding you through its meandering course, generally tranquil but with a noticeable current. Paddling the Rur surrounds you with picturesque landscapes, from agricultural lands to vast meadows, poplar stands, and lush willow thickets.

If you crave a deeper connection with nature and a taste of authentic river meandering, the Rur promises a unique and unforgettable canoeing adventure.

Sunday September 22, 2024 // €95 pp

Canoe trip on the Semois

As we embark on a canoe journey along the Semois River, the enchanting valley with its steep rocky slopes becomes our guiding companion. Our route leads us through a captivating landscape, winding through dense forests and verdant meadows. Along the way, glimpses of charming villages and towns unfold, while the iconic castles of Herbeumont and Bouillon share the rich history of this region.

Nestled in the southwest of Belgium near the French border, the Semois Valley remains a hidden gem between Gaume and the Ardennes. Canoeing along the Semois’s winding curves reveals the region’s true essence, allowing complete immersion in its natural beauty. This Belgian river offers a unique opportunity to spend hours paddling through unspoiled nature, embarking on a genuine wilderness adventure that leaves indelible memories.

Saturday November 1, 2024 to Monday November 3, 2024 // €435 pp

Day trip on the Nete River

Embark on a journey through the authentic Kempen Region, exploring one of Flanders’ charming little creeks. This 18-kilometer day trip leads you through a tranquil agricultural landscape, from Retie to Lichtaart. Canoeing on the Nete River welcomes paddlers of all levels, provided they grasp basic paddling techniques. It’s an excellent starting point for beginners, as the physical demands are minimal, navigation is straightforward, and both novice and experienced paddlers can enjoy this experience.

Your canoe glides down the river, accompanied by our experienced guide, who introduces you to the art of canoe tripping. Along the way, you’ll savor picturesque scenery, chances to spot wildlife, and valuable lessons in essential paddling, portaging, and safety techniques. This adventure offers not only a serene communion with nature but also a valuable educational experience for all participants.

By appointment only // €85 pp

Day trip on the Dommel River

Canoeing on the Dommel always delights. This winding river meanders through forests and meadows between Neerpelt and Valkenswaard. Along the way, you pass through two nature reserves, Hageven and Malpie, offering ample chances to spot Kingfishers. These colorful birds often call the elevated riverbanks home, especially in the trip’s initial stretch. As you continue, you’ll encounter the infrastructure created by resident beavers, who have inhabited the area for several years.

The Dommel proves ideal for honing your paddling skills, thanks to its constant meandering and gentle current that keeps you alert. Guided by our expert, you’ll gain insights into the nuances of preparing for and undertaking canoe trips. Cruising through this tranquil landscape, you’ll acquire fundamental paddling techniques, safety know-how, and the skills to load and carry your canoe.

By appointment only // €85 pp

Weekend canoe trip on the Regge River

Discover a serene weekend in Overijssel, where canals and meandering rivers like the Regge and Linderbeek weave through the landscape. Unwind amidst nature’s embrace as you explore the countryside by canoe, encountering charming old farmhouses that punctuate the spacious terrain. Your weekend retreat unfolds at a farm campsite nestled by the water’s edge, offering a rustic and tranquil setting.

The highlight of our excursion is the captivating Regge River, once transformed into a man-made canal and now meticulously restored to its original meandering beauty. As you navigate its gentle curves, you’ll witness the Regge gracefully winding through the landscape, mirroring its natural flow. This journey along the revitalized Regge allows you to reconnect with nature’s tranquil rhythms and immerse yourself in the rich history of this agricultural region.

By appointment only // €275 pp

Weekend canoe trip on the River Somme

The Somme River, known to the Romans as “Samara” from Gallic terms meaning “quiet river or valley,” lives up to its tranquil reputation. We navigate a rich landscape between Amiens and Abbeville, graced by rivers, marshes, ponds, and canals.

This serene waterway winds through a landscape adorned with ancient weeping willows along its banks. Herons take flight in the fields beyond, and stately residences peek through verdant trees. The weekend canoe trip unveils natural beauty and historical treasures. The awe-inspiring Amiens Cathedral and medieval villages await.

As the sun sets, explore the marshes, guided by meandering trails that reveal unique flora and fauna. Immerse yourself in the secrets of this serene landscape, where each river twist and rustling leaf whispers stories of times past.

By appointment only // €300 pp

Canoe trekking in the Ardennes

Join us on an open canoe trekking adventure through the captivating landscapes of Lorraine and the Ardennes in northern France. The timeless Meuse River, one of the world’s oldest, guides our journey as it winds gracefully through the ancient Ardennes massif, formed over 250 million years ago during the Paleozoic era.

Each day brings new adventures along the river, balanced by serene evenings at our campsites. Under starlit skies, we’ll prepare nourishing meals to fuel you for the challenges ahead.

The Meuse River’s gentle flow offers an ideal setting for multi-day canoe trekking, suitable for novice paddlers with good physical fitness. Keep in mind, occasional portages are necessary due to dam structures along the river, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among fellow trekkers.

By appointment only // €435 pp

Day trip on the Leie River

Exploring the Leie River between Astene and Ghent reveals Flanders’ most impressive villas and country houses, offering more than mere affluence. The Leie River, a canvas of picturesque beauty, has inspired renowned Latem School artists like Permeke, De Smet, and Minne, who once called this place home, captivated by its enchanting allure.

Moreover, the Leie River provides an ideal arena to enhance your paddling skills. Alongside fellow enthusiasts, motorboats, and elegant yachts, you’ll navigate their waves, honing your paddling technique effectively.

By appointment only // €85 pp