Learning to paddle

Learning to paddle takes commitment, but canoeing courses accelerate the learning process. Mastering the art of canoeing doesn’t only give you a new skill, it opens up a whole new world of discovery and exploration.

A good paddling technique and boat control makes canoeing much more fun. And fun that is what matters! … Learning to canoe means that you can keep your head cool in all situations and don’t lose control over your boat.

In our canoeing courses we focus on your personal goals and show you the pleasures of open canoeing. Freeranger Canoe offers a variety of courses ranging in skill level, style and duration. We do that on a selection of inspiring locations to suit every level of paddler, from beginner to advanced.

Expert coaching, top notch material

Because Freeranger Canoe also builds wooden canoes and makes wooden paddles you will always have the use of the finest equipment available in our canoeing courses. You will be able to test different canoe models and paddles in order to be able to assess what is the best choice for your goals.

All canoeing courses are taught to Royal Dutch Watersports Association standards. Some of the selected courses include obtaining a certificate Open Canoeing skills A or B.

Our canoeing instructors are well trained and tailor every course to your needs. Whether you are interested in an introduction to the sport of canoeing or you’re taking your paddling skills to the next level we have the course for you.

Canoeing Courses

Introduction to canoeing

There’s nothing better than being able to paddle a canoe but what’s so special about it? We invite you to find out with this introduction to canoeing course.

Whether you’re starting a new outdoor activity, hobby, or needing to refresh your paddling skills from the years past, this course has been designed to satisfy all. We focus on the basic functional skills needed to get you safely started and continue your skill development.

Tandem canoeing beginners

This tandem canoeing beginners course is designed for the canoeist who is starting to get to grips with basic paddling techniques and is able to execute them correctly. We’ll help you to further develop your ability and knowledge and expand it with new techniques.

You have already had some experience on open water in a canoe and would now like to progress further. We offer coaching that is tailored to your individual needs to allow you to refine and develop your current skills and learn some new ones.

Advanced tandem canoeing

This advanced tandem canoeing course will provide the paddler with plenty of experience to paddle open water and rivers. We will focus on tandem paddling technique, as well as the additional skills unique to the open canoe. These include, packing, trim, stand-up paddling, paddling in windy conditions and handling waves. All this should leave you more independent in your paddling and with skills to canoe open water and rivers.

Building on existing skills the aim is to develop tandem techniques for the open water environment. Intensive coaching will help develop your paddling skills to increase efficiency as well as cope with wind or rougher conditions. Equipment, journeying skills, safety and rescue will also be covered as much as possible over the two days.

Solo canoeing beginners

Learning to paddle a canoe solo is a liberating experience. This solo canoeing beginners course will teach you the fundamentals of paddling a canoe solo. Learn paddle techniques, adaptations to equipment, safety, environmental challenges and how to control your canoe all alone.

Become a skilled paddler and pirouette your solo canoe around any obstacle. Flatwater practice hones the paddle skills which are essential for performing complex maneuvers in rapids. Indeed, to confidently paddle whitewater you must first master flatwater!

Advanced solo canoeing

This advanced solo canoeing course takes solo paddling to the next level by introducing precise maneuvering and linking moves together smoothly and efficiently. Solo canoeing is a great way to develop your canoeing skills because it allows you to see an immediate cause and effect of your actions clearly. You end up with a versatile package of flatwater solo skills that allows you to paddle a canoe comfortably, efficiently, with grace and confidence in all conditions.

You’re a solo paddler who wants to hone your performance to make you a true master of your craft. Spend a weekend with us developing your paddling skills to help you achieve the level you’re aiming for. You’ll spend the weekend on flat water revisiting the key foundation skills of effective open canoeing. We’ll look at your individual needs and will help you enhance your performance to the level you’re aiming for.