"In my wooden canoe I am one with nature"

As an experienced paddler, Herman Pardon built an exclusive Abenaki river canoe at Freeranger Canoe. “For years I have searched for a solid, authentic wooden canoe. Until I found Bart’s shop. “

“I got to know Freeranger Canoe at the Open Canoe Festival in Ossenzijl (NL),” explains Herman Pardon, a retired police officer, but above all an experienced canoeist who is very familiar with the world of canoeing. In his search for a new paddle, he was advised by other canoeists to check out Freeranger Canoe. Herman took a look and one thing led to another. “That is how I ended up in Bart and Emiel Deseyn’s studio,” Herman continues. “I planned to do a paddle making workshop, but it didn’t end with a paddle. I saw all those beautiful, hand made wooden canoes. I was immediately sold. ”

Herman measures 1.93 m. Looking for a comfortable canoe has been a challenge for him for years. A solo canoe is often too small, while a tandem canoe is just too big. “And I’m not the only one,” says Herman. “I know several people who have been looking for years for a canoe tailored to their specific physique and needs. At Freeranger Canoe they will find what they are looking for. And if not, Bart will make the boat to your needs, even with you during a workshop. “

Solo Abenaki

In such a workshop Herman made a solo Abenaki wooden canoe assisted by Bart. In the normal version this is a 14.7 ft tandem canoe, but the model was adapted and perfected to the needs and wishes of Herman. “The small inclination of the seat, for example, is very special about my canoe,” Herman continues. “It’s a technical detail, but for paddling comfort it’s an absolute added value for someone with my height. Bart understands such things, because he himself is an avid canoeist. That’s why Freeranger Canoe is praised for its craftsmanship with regard to woodworking in combination with a thorough maritime knowledge. “

Nature experience

As an experienced canoeist, Herman is well placed to compare the Freeranger canoes with other boats. “Every boat is different and we can indeed compare materials and technical properties. Freeranger Canoe will always come out well. But what convinces me the most is the sustainable nature of these canoes. They are natural products. You see, canoeing is an adventure for me. It is about the experience, the contact with nature, the authenticity of life. And of course, when you float in the middle of nowhere in a unique, hand-made wooden canoe, it is a much more authentic experience than in a red plastic thing that you took from a shop rack among many other plastic canoes. In my wooden canoe, I am one with nature. “

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  • Herman your boat looks great and i,m sure you had fun building it and fun useing it ray

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