Canoeing in Overijssel (NL) - Paddling the Regge and Linderbeek

For our first trip of 2017 we went canoeing in Overijssel, a province in the central-eastern part of the Netherlands. To the southeast of the province’s surface is mostly sandy, interspersed with small rivers such as the Regge and Linderbeek. Like the rest of the Netherlands the region is laced with canals. The spacious landscape is dotted with cattle farms. We’ve been tipped by our friend Theo from kanoweb that the round trip Linderbeek-Overijssel Canal-Regge-Linderbeek is highly recomended.

Our starting point is at the beautiful farm campsite Linderbeek. We pitch our tent at the waterfront. Before launching our canoes, farmer Laarman warns us that there will be a lot of portages. With this knowledge in mind we launch our canoes in front of our tent and leave for an 18-kilometer trip. The vast scenery and the silence impress us the most.

We start on the Linderbeek upstream direction Overijsels Canal. After about 45 minutes we switch to the canal. An hour of paddling later and we arrive at the Regge. This is by far the most beautiful part of the trip. The river flows through a beautiful nature reserve. The Regge, once channeled, has been restored in its old, winding glory. After two hours of paddling, we return to the Linderbeek to spend the night at the campsite.

A lovely round trip (with five portages), for once we did not have to drive cars back and forth to the starting point. There is more great canoeing in Overijssel. We will be back to paddle the Dinkel next  winter.

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