Weekend canoe trip on the River Somme

Somme La Chaussée-Tirancourt, France

The Romans called her Samara, adopting Gallic terms: samo (quiet) and ar (river or valley). And it is true, the Somme is a very peaceful stream. Her valley forms a complex set of rivers, marshes, ponds and canals we will paddle between Amiens and Abbeville. It winds through a quiet landscape where hundred-year-old weeping willows […]


Canoe trekking in the Ardennes

Meuse-Ardennes Monthermé, France

Join us for an open canoe trekking as we paddle through Lorraine and the scenic Ardennes in the north of France. The Meuse River is considered one of the oldest rivers in the world because it flows through the Ardennes massif which was formed during the Paleozoic era. This makes her at least 250 million years […]


Canoe camping in the Weerribben-Wieden

weerribben Ossenzijl, Netherlands

For multi-day canoe camping trips in Europe you have to go to Sweden. At least that is the widely held opinion. Well, for those who don’t want to drive endless kilometers, there is good news. The largest peat bog area in northwestern Europe is located barely 300 kilometers from Brussels. The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is […]


Day trip on the Rur River

Rur Vlodrop, Netherlands

Canoeing on the Rur is a unique experience for the Netherlands, because it is one of the last major Dutch rivers to meander freely. There are many places with gravel banks, but the river also has real steep banks where Kingfisher and Sand Martin nest. The river itself is rich in stream-loving aquatic plants, which, […]


Day trip on the Leie River

Leie Astene, Belgium

Canoeing on the Leie between Astene and Ghent means looking inside the most impressive villas and country houses of Flanders. But it’s not just bon chic bon genre. The Leie is particularly picturesque and it is not surprising that its valley was the source of inspiration for many painters of the Latem School. Permeke, De Smet […]


Canoe trip on the Semois

Semois Chiny, Belgium

During this canoe trip on the Semois the enchanting valley with its steep rocky slopes is our guide. We’ll paddle through dense forests and green meadows but also charming villages and towns. The famous castles of Herbeumont, Bouillon and Monthermé tell us the history of this region, which has been traversed by the most powerful […]