Workshop - Making a Greenland Paddle

Making a Greenland paddle by yourself? It’s possible during a workshop at Freeranger Canoe. Sea kayaker Tom joined us last week to carve his own cedar Greenland paddle. While Tom is already convinced why he should be making a Greenland paddle for himself here are some of the great advantages of Greenland paddling:

  • Greenlanders are the inventors of sea kayaking. All contemporary sea kayaks are based on their designs. The design of the Greenland paddle was perfected over the course of centuries, so why not use a greenland paddle to propell your boat?
  • Greenland paddles are anthropometric, i.e. the paddle is entirely based on the dimensions of your body.
  • Greenland paddles look like sticks but they have just as much power as Euro paddles.
  • Greenland paddles cause less strain on your body and are less tiring.
  • Greenland paddles catch less wind because of the narrow blade and the difference in paddling technique. With the sliding stroke you keep less of the paddle in the air because you keep it lower to the water.
  • The sliding stroke provides more leverage and bracing is more efficient.
  • Rolling is much easier because you have more leverage. The wood floats which makes rolling easier.
  • Greenland paddles are more stable in rough water.
  • Greenland paddles are quiet and don’t splash.
  • The greatest advantage is the deep connection to your paddle if you make your own.
  • Greenland paddles are made of oiled wood which is far more pleasant and natural to the touch than synthetic materials or aluminium. Oiled wood also prevents blisters.

Interested in making a Greenland paddle?

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  • Thank you for this DIY method, I have created pedals with my friends in past, this article has opened up few more opportunities.surely Greenland paddles look beautiful they look polish, without splashing water much, if you use an aluminium water you may not find much comfort holding the paddles like Greenland paddles, they are great to use.anytime you do boat activities.

  • I like the idea of making my own Greenland paddle, but, living in Australia, attending your workshop is impossible. I noted your point that the dimensions of the paddle are matched to the dimensions of one’s body, but I did not see a table to indicate how one did this. I am 76 years old with a fused spine, due to an auto-immune disease, but paddle frequently with a carbon Euro style wing blade. Any further information would be most gratefully received.

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