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Learn to build your own wood strip canoe at Freeranger Canoe. In consultation we decide on a schedule to build your wooden canoe. Depending on the type of wood strip canoe you want to build that will take up between 80 and 100 hours. We can build an evening or day each week or group the construction in one or more multi-day periods.

The workshop fee does not cover the acquisition of the canoe. After completion of the workshop the built canoe can be purchased with a 5% discount on the price when new. Check our webshop for the pricing of our canoes.

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The workshop covers the entire process of building a wood strip canoe:

  • Mounting the stations on the strongback
  • Laminating and installing the inner stems
  • Placing the strips
  • Laminating and installing the outer stems
  • Shaving and sanding the hull
  • Preparing the hull to be laminated
  • Laminating the inside and outside with glass cloth and epoxy
  • Sanding the inside and outside of the hull
  • Preparing and placing gunwales and decks
  • Making and placing the seats and yoke
  • Final sanding and varnishing the hull
  • Oiling the gunwales, decks and seats

You don’t need any gear to participate in the workshop. Everything you need to build the canoe will be provided by Freeranger Canoe and is included in the price. We also provide personal protective equipment when needed.

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