Making a Greenland kayak paddle with Hans and Michaël

Hans and Michaël are two experienced sea kayakkers with a special interest in Greenland style paddling and rolling. To practice their skills they both wanted to have a custom made Greenland kayak paddle. 

Mass produced Greenland kayak paddles only come in a couple of sizes. Mostly it’s the length that varies. A tailor made Greenland kayak paddle is anthropo metric meaning that it’s exactly made to the kayakkers body dimensions. It is based on the length, shoulder width and grip of the paddler.

During our one day workshops each participant carves her/his own paddle based on her/his body dimensions. While shaving and sanding the paddle can be exactly fine tuned to get a perfect and smooth grip. At the end of the day the Greenland kayak paddle is oiled and ready for use.

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