Custom-made wooden canoes

Freeranger Canoe builds wooden canoes that combine traditional designs en materials with modern epoxy composite technology. Our durable wooden canoes are strong and light. They have excellent paddling properties. A wooden canoe is a heirloom to be passed down to your children and grandchildren. The elegant lines and the glow of the wood give them an exceptional, timeless beauty.

Handcrafted wooden paddles

In addition to our canoes we handshape a line of lightweight and strong laminated wooden paddles. They lift the canoeing experience to an even higher level. The traditional, time-tested design, and the warm silky feel of the wood are unmatched. Our selection of wooden paddles will appeal to the recreational paddler but also to those who require strong and reliable paddles for trekkings and longer trips.

Hands-on canoe building workshops

For canoeists who want to experience the joy of paddling an entirely self-built canoe we’re offering comprehensive canoe building workshops year round for individuals and groups. Our workshops are hands-on and require no special skills. Anyone can participate, young and old, woman or man. Although building a wooden canoe is a time-consuming enterprise, it is very rewarding. Nothing paddles better than your own hand made canoe!

Wooden canoes

Wooden paddles

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Freeranger canoe guided canoe trips in the weerribben-wieden

Canoe camping in the Weerribben-Wieden

August 13 |8:00 am - August 16 |5:00 pm

For multi-day canoe camping trips in Europe you have to go to Sweden. At least that is the widely held opinion. Well, for those who don’t want to drive endless kilometers, there is good news. The largest peat bog area in northwestern Europe is located barely 300 kilometers from Brussels. The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is a true canoe paradise. Go canoe camping in the Weerribben-Wieden with us and fall in love with this amazing area. The area is a gigantic cultural…

Canoe camping in the weerribben-wieden

Advanced solo canoeing course

August 20 |10:00 am - August 21 |4:00 pm

This advanced solo canoeing course takes solo paddling to the next level by introducing precise manoeuvreing and linking moves together smoothly and efficiently. Solo canoeing is a great way to develop your canoeing skills because it allows you to see an immediate cause and effect of your actions clearly. You end up with a versatile package of flatwater solo skills that allows you to paddle a canoe comfortably, efficiently, with grace and confidence in all conditions. You’re a solo paddler…

The North Woods paddle

Advanced tandem canoeing

August 20 |10:00 am - August 21 |4:00 pm

This advanced tandem canoeing course will provide you with plenty of experience to paddle open water and rivers. We will focus on tandem paddling technique as well as the additional skills unique to the open canoe. These include, packing, trim, standing-up while paddling, paddling in windy conditions and handling waves. All this should leave you more independent in your paddling and with skills to canoe open water and rivers. Building on existing skills the aim is to develop tandem techniques…

open kano festival

Open Kano Festival

September 9 |12:00 pm - September 11 |5:00 pm

The Open Kano Festival in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park is an annual moment to share knowledge about open canoeing. It is now a major meeting between friends, newcomers, professionals, instructors and sales people. Central is exchanging knowledge about canoes, paddles, sailing techniques and everything you can think of that is needed when you go out with an open canoe. A wonderful festival and a must go for all open canoe fans from the Low Countries and beyond. Freeranger Canoe will…

canoeing on the Rur River

Day trip on the Rur River

September 18 |10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Canoeing on the Rur is a unique experience for the Netherlands, because it is one of the last major Dutch rivers to meander freely. There are many places with gravel banks, but the river also has real steep banks where Kingfisher and Sand Martin nest. The river itself is rich in stream-loving aquatic plants, which, in a canoe, can be a hassle sometimes. The day trip on the Rur is approximately 22 km long. The meandering course is largely quiet…

tandem canoeing beginners course

Introduction to canoeing

September 25 |8:00 am - 5:00 pm

There’s nothing better than being able to paddle a canoe but what’s so special about it? We invite you to find out with this introduction to canoeing course. Whether you’re starting a new outdoor activity, hobby, or needing to refresh your paddling skills from the years past, this course has been designed to satisfy all. We focus on the basic functional skills needed to get you safely started and continue your skill development.

canoeing on the Leie River

Day trip on the Leie River

October 9 |10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Canoeing on the Leie between Astene and Ghent means looking inside the most impressive villas and country houses of Flanders. But it’s not just bon chic bon genre. The Leie is particularly picturesque and it is not surprising that its valley was the source of inspiration for many painters of the Latem School. Permeke, De Smet and Minne, they all used to live here. The Leie is also an ideal river to practice your paddling skills. You are rarely alone on…

Canoeing courses in Belgium

Tandem canoeing beginners

October 16 |10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This tandem canoeing beginners course is designed for the canoeist who is starting to get to grips with basic paddling techniques and is able to execute them correctly. We’ll help you to further develop your ability and knowledge and expand it with new techniques. You have already had some experience on open water in a canoe and would now like to progress further. We offer coaching that is tailored to your individual needs to allow you to refine and develop your…

Canoeing on the Dender River

Solo canoeing beginners

October 16 |10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Learning to paddle a canoe solo is a liberating experience. This solo canoeing beginners course will teach you the fundamentals of paddling a canoe solo. Learn paddle techniques, adaptations to equipment, safety, environmental challenges and how to control your canoe all alone. Become a skilled paddler and pirouette your solo canoe around any obstacle. Flatwater practice hones the paddle skills which are essential for performing complex maneuvers in rapids. Indeed, to confidently paddle whitewater you must first master flatwater!

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From the blog: paddling the Weerribben-Wieden National Park

For multi-day canoe trekkings in Europe you have to go to Sweden. At least that is the widely held opinion. Well, for those who don’t want to drive endless kilometers, there is good news. The largest peat bog area in northwestern Europe is located barely 300 kilometers from Brussels. The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is a true canoe paradise every paddler will fall in love with. During these corona times we went canoeing in the Weerribben-Wieden and we don’t regret it.