Custom-made wooden canoes

Freeranger Canoe builds wooden canoes that combine traditional designs en materials with modern epoxy composite technology. Our durable wooden canoes are strong and light. They have excellent paddling properties. A wooden canoe is a heirloom to be passed down to your children and grandchildren. The elegant lines and the glow of the wood give them an exceptional, timeless beauty.

Handcrafted wooden paddles

In addition to our canoes we handshape a line of lightweight and strong laminated wooden paddles. They lift the canoeing experience to an even higher level. The traditional, time-tested design, and the warm silky feel of the wood are unmatched. Our selection of wooden paddles will appeal to the recreational paddler but also to those who require strong and reliable paddles for trekkings and longer trips.

Hands-on canoe building workshops

For canoeists who want to experience the joy of paddling an entirely self-built canoe we’re offering comprehensive canoe building workshops year round for individuals and groups. Our workshops are hands-on and require no special skills. Anyone can participate, young and old, woman or man. Although building a wooden canoe is a time-consuming enterprise, it is very rewarding. Nothing paddles better than your own hand made canoe!

Wooden canoes

Wooden paddles

Canoe building workshops

Canoeing Courses

Guided Canoe Trips

From the blog: Canoeing on the Kleine Nete

The Kleine Nete has long been a popular canoeing destination for canoeists and kayakers. Located in the Kempen region near the Dutch border it flows through a forested and agricultural landscape. The descent of the river is very quiet and relaxing. In recent years the VMM (Flemish Environmental Agency) has invested heavily in the renewal and restoration of the rivers dikes and in re-meandering in the nature reserve Olens Broek-Langendonk in Herentals and Olen. With thes recent projects, the river now offers even more opportunities for adventurous and ecologically responsible recreation.

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