Canoe building course
Stitch and Glue


Learn to build your own stitch and glue canoe at Freeranger Canoe. Courses run on 10 successive Wednesday evenings. Work starts at 18:30 hrs and ends at 22:00 hrs. In total we will be working for about 35 hours. A maximum of 4 participants is accepted. This course can also be organised on demand.

The workshop fee does not cover the acquisition of the canoe. After completion of the workshop the built canoe has to be purchased at € 1440.

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The canoe building course covers the entire process of building a stitch and glue canoe:

  • Making a simple form
  • Stitching the panels
  • Glueing the panels with thickened epoxy
  • Preparing the hull to be laminated
  • Laminating the outside with glass cloth and epoxy
  • Sanding the inside and outside of the hull
  • coating the inside of the hull with epoxy
  • Preparing and placing gunwales and decks
  • Making and placing the seats and yoke
  • Final sanding and painting the hull
  • Oiling the gunwales, decks and seats

You don’t need any gear to participate in the canoe building course. Everything you need to build the canoe wil be provided by Freeranger Canoe and is included in the price. We also provide personal protective equipment when needed.


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Stitch and Glue

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