Canoe paddle workshop


In this canoe paddle workshop you will make your own canoe paddle out of a single board of ash. You will make a classic otter- or beavertail paddle. A discussion of the various types of paddles and how to size a paddle to an individual will take place saturday morning. The rest of the day will be spent paring the wood down with hand tools to make a fine canoe paddle. It should be noted that you may not have time to finish your paddle. You will be provided with some varnish to take home to finish the paddle there.

Workshops are scheduled from 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs

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  • Deciding which paddle suits your needs
  • Which grip
  • Paddle sizing
  • Selecting wood
  • Outlining and marking off the paddle on the board
  • Sawing out the paddle with a jigsaw
  • Tapering the blades with a plane
  • Shaping the shaft and the blade
  • Sanding and final sanding
  • Oiling
  • Instructions on varnishing (to be done at home)

You don’t need any gear to participate in the workshop. Everything you need to shape a paddle will be provided by Freeranger Canoe and is included in the price. We also provide personal protective equipment when needed.


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