Pal recreational canoe


The Pal is considered to be one of the most all-round canoes the Chestnut Canoe Company built in its later years. Being the larger brother of our Chum and with the same length as our Prospector it’s the ideal combination of both. It is a very well performing tandem canoe excellent for leisurely day trips and short camping trips on moderately moving water.

The Pal was designed to provide the everyday paddler with a recreational craft. They liked what they saw and the all-round canoe became very popular. Responsive but stable and with a convenient size, the Pal soon became very popular with a whole range of sportsmen, holiday trippers and day cruisers.


Cedar and glass fabric-epoxy

The Pal recreational canoe is built with western red cedar and laminated with glass fabric and epoxy. The laminate ensures that the wood is sandwiched and never comes into contact with water. In addition, it provides extreme stiffness which makes the canoe very efficient to be paddled. The boat is finished with high or satin gloss marine varnish with an excellent UV-blocker.

Solid ash for the outfitting

The gunwales, seats, decks and the yoke are made of ash. Ash is hard, very flexible and relatively light. Because the ash parts of the canoe suffer the most they are coated with double boiled linseed oil to keep them flexible and in good shape. The outwales are screwed on to make replacement easy. All screws and bolts are stainless steel.

Additional information


Western red cedar/glass cloth


490 cm


80 cm

Width at waterline

76 cm

Bow height

55 cm


29 cm


21 kg

Max. load range

300 kg


Shalow arch






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